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        How to brush your teeth

        2017-03-07  Clicks:2890

        How do you brush your teeth? During the teeth correction, teeth must be thorough. But with the brace how can the yashua clean? If the bushua is clean, it is likely to cause dental caries, so even if the teeth are corrected, it will leave a mouth. So, how to brush your teeth? With brace cleaning teeth is not complex, to find a method, you will find daiya teeth are also easy.


        Although everyone is brushing their teeth every day, there are fewer people who know the right

        way to brush their teeth. Incorrect brushing methods can lead to poor results, even damaged teeth and gums. To achieve the desired results, we should follow the following considerations and use the correct brushing method to brush your teeth.

        The correct method of brushing

        The right way to brush teeth: warm water brush the teeth with warm water, is the basic common sense. The temperature of warm water is suitable for the near body temperature, too hot water can be easy to scald the mouth, use cold water brush teeth often lead to the pain, pain. Especially in the winter days, need to use warm water brush teeth, avoid the dentine hypersensitivity. The right side of brushing Some people are eating after breakfast and then brushing their teeth, think this can better remove the food residue, reduce the harm to teeth. Experts explain that brushing teeth sooner or later means brushing teeth before and after bed. It is best to brush teeth before breakfast rather than after breakfast, because brushing teeth is not only to remove the food residue after eating, the most important is the removal of dental plaque from the surface of the tooth. After a night of sleep, early to brush teeth can effectively remove the formation of the night, and reduce the incidence of oral disease.

        The correct method of brushing teeth: reasonable amount of toothpaste should not be too much, the amount of toothpaste for children is recommended in a pea, the size of two peas in adults is good. If you use a manual toothbrush, you can squeeze the toothpaste on the toothbrush, if use electric toothbrush, preferably put the toothpaste in the toothbrush, put the toothbrush into the mouth and then open the switch to avoid splashing.

        The correct method of brushing teeth: the teeth can be divided into eya and xiaeya, the upper and lower parts can be divided into the left and right sides, each side can be subdivided into the front, middle and rear three communities, each cell only 2-3 teeth. As a washing unit of brushing action, ask after the brushing a community, then go to wash another district. Below, after, first out, left, etc. OLA's unique circular Halo can easily cover your teeth, making it easy to clean your teeth.

        The correct method of brushing teeth 5: the greatest shortcoming of the angle and manual brushing teeth is the outside ( facies incisalis labialis buccalis ), in the face of lingual and occlusal surface are not to wash. Therefore, only the correct brushing posture can remove the multi of teeth in different regions. Tilt the toothbrush to the root direction of 45 degrees, put on the edge of the gum edge, soft reduction, let the bristles into the gingival sulcus. For each partition of the tooth, move the toothbrush back and forth, vibrate at least 10 times and move to the next partition. In the lingual, the side of the palate, toothbrush keep upright, with moderate strength from the gum brush to the crown. When brushing the teeth, put the toothbrush on the chewing surface before and after moving.

        The correct method of brushing teeth: 2 to 3 minutes of adults is usually 28 to 32 teeth, if the purpose of cleaning the teeth thoroughly, brush the complete teeth, at least 2 ~ 3 minutes each brushing. The electric toothbrush generally has a reminder function, let you can grasp the rhythm of brushing teeth more accurately, let your brushing teeth time to master just right. In fact, to grasp the correct method of brushing teeth, as long as we brush our teeth, we should pay attention to these points, daily careful brushing teeth, not only can have a white beautiful teeth, and can avoid the invasion of various oral diseases.

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