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        How to prevent tooth decay

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        How can children do to prevent tooth decay? Tooth decay is basically an oral disease that is easy for every child to suffer from. How to prevent tooth decay is a problem for many parents. After all, this will affect the growth and development of children's health, because of the age of children, self-control, and brushing their teeth sooner or later. So how to prevent tooth decay?


        Recognize tooth decay

        Tooth decay, also known as " dental caries ", is high in childhood, the most typical of children aged 3-4. Some parents think that the baby teeth should be replaced by permanent teeth, even if the child has no relationship with dental caries, this is an extremely wrong idea. In fact, child decay is caused by oral hygiene. The reason is just the food residue left in the mouth, mixed with bacteria, a layer of film adhesion in the mouth, the formation of dental plaque, after a long period of stay, will have teeth decalcify, slowly lead to dental caries. In addition, the food residue left in the mouth, will not only lead to the emergence of dental caries, but also cause oral inflammation or ulcer.

        How to prevent tooth decay

        First: oral cleaning habits should be established early. From the birth of the baby should pay attention to oral cleaning, its purpose is to remove the oral cavity, to avoid the bacteria fermentation of the mouth smell. Cleaning baby's oral time should pay attention: not too deep into the baby's mouth to reduce the baby's vomiting and discomfort. Gauze or cotton swabs soiled, should be replaced immediately to avoid causing bacterial infection. Second: choose the right toothbrush according to age. According to the age of children, the children are selected with maoruan, Halo toothbrush, using manual toothbrush under the supervision of parents before 5 years old, can use electric toothbrush to clean teeth after 5 years old. OLA b child electric toothbrush uses a professional dental design, soft brush to protect the delicate gum, 2 d vibration rotation speed function, and the Childlike hint music function, have OLA b electric toothbrush, the children have teeth.

        Third: correct brushing method. Choose the appropriate children's toothbrush for children, and do not need to be too hard when brushing teeth. When brushing your teeth, should be by the gum margin, tilt the toothbrush 45 degrees, from the inside out, so that the gum and gums can be painted.

        Fourth: cultivate good habits. Brush your teeth after breakfast and brush your teeth before you go to bed. In addition, after eating, the best brush teeth, or gargle to dilute the mouth of the mouth food opportunity. Fifth: but eat more sugar. Snack to control, especially candy snacks. Too much sugar can cause tooth decay, so try to control less sugar food.

        Sixth: a balanced diet. In daily diet, parents want to do clitocybine, can give more to children eat some coarse grains and multiple intake of vitamin c, vitamin d and calcium, phosphorus and other minerals food. 7: use fluoride toothpaste. Usually when brushing your teeth, you can use a fluoride toothpaste, which can effectively prevent the growth of tooth decay. 8: regular oral examination. Every half years of oral examination, early detection, early treatment. 9: pit and fissure sealant. The pit and fissure sealant of the NEW and premolars of the new eruption, the wogouchu sealer of molars and bicuspid, can prevent the microbial and food debris in pit and fissure accumulation, and prevent the occurrence of pit and fissure caries. How to prevent tooth decay is not a problem, as long as it can be done according to the above.

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