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        What is the reason and the solution of gum haemorrhage

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        There are many reasons for gingival bleeding, different situations, take different ways. What is the reason of gum haemorrhage, what good solution? In fact, most of the reasons for gum bleeding may be because our teeth are not in place, so that residual food residues in the cracks in the tooth cause large amounts of bacteria. So is there any good solution to avoid gum bleeding?


        The cause of gingival bleeding — the gingival bleeding of the systemic disease itself is a symptom caused by many diseases, not a disease, and some systemic diseases can also cause gum bleeding. Like leukemia, pernicious anemia, liver cirrhosis, hemophilia, hypersplenism, etc.

        The causes of gingival bleeding — the other possible cause of periodontal cacodontia bleeding — periodontal disease. Patients often bleed when they brush their teeth and eat. Hemostatic and vitamins are invalid, simple toothwash can not be radical. The most basic and effective method of treatment of periodontal disease is the creation of dental Zhou Shen, under the carry of the local anesthesia, the bing of the tooth and Long in the tooth are weaving, to make the gingiva fu and Again. In this way, the likelihood of recurrence is significantly reduced.

        The cause of gum bleeding — the sudden increase in white-collar workers in urban life, many people because of recent job pressure suddenly increased, when brushing teeth the gums are always bleeding, and have bad breath. At the same time relax pressure, it is recommended to go to the regular oral hospital to do a dental examination.

        The reason of gingival bleeding — — toothbrush hair is too hard should first check the teeth of the teeth, and timely replacement of the new toothbrush, in general, periodontal disease caused by bleeding after the use of the majority can on their own.

        The reason why gingival bleeding — the method of brushing teeth incorrectly is very important, the correct method is to combine method and brushing.

        The main idea of method is: the shuachun and houyashe parallel, the bristles point to the gingival margin, the bristles and the long axis into 45 angle, and turn the toothbrush to brush and brush teeth.

        Solution of gingival bleeding


        1. develop a good habit of brushing teeth sooner or later. Gingivitis patients should be selected to brush the toothpaste. OLA double tube toothpaste is imported from the United States, approved by the FDA ( FDA ) to allow you to enjoy the professional scaling experience at home. OLA b Double toothpaste will separate the professional huyin ingredients separately, and use the first tube of toothpaste to brush your teeth for a minute, without rinsing, and then spend a minute with the second tube. The first tube ( toothpaste toothpaste ) contains repair antibacterial factor, can effectively clean the teeth and repair damaged gum, the second tube ( Oxygenation ) contains a protective care factor, its composition combines with the first tube in the canliukou to form protective barrier and help prevent calculus. Two pronged approach can effectively reduce gingival bleeding. 2. use dental floss after meal. It is best to use every meal after every meal and to go to bed before going to bed after the night, the gap should also use interdental brush, remove the tooth surface and periodontal soil and food residue, to prevent the formation of dental plaque and calculus. 3. gargle with every meal after every meal and at night. gingivitis can use mouthwash, which can achieve the effect of killing most pathogenic bacteria in mouth and periodontal, and make breath fresh. 4. to go to the hospital regularly. This is a very important dental care method, yibanbannian to wash teeth once a year. If the patients with periodontal disease, should be systematic periodontal therapy. Look at above, believe that you have a deep understanding of what causes of bleeding, but also know how the gum bleeds.

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